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Which Small Aircraft Charter Company is Right For Me?

Air Charter Services When choosing a Small Aircraft Charter, a few questions always linger in the minds of customers. Some of them include, query about competitive rates, contingency planning, organizing all the logistics of a trip, and how to get the customer to their destination in the wee hours of the morning. These questions sound obvious but they are necessary and important in order to gauge the credibility of the Small Aircraft Charter company.

Air Charter Services and the freedom of a Small Aircraft Charter, differs from the schedules of public domestic and international airline transportation in many ways. Some of the basic advantages of an air charter service provider that customers love to point are: efficiency of the service, privacy while travelling, and flexibility of time schedule.

When choosing Air Charter Services, you need to consider more than just efficiency of the service, privacy while travelling, and flexibility of time schedule.
Three important questions that somtimes get over looked are, ‘how many people will be travelling’? ‘What is your destination’? and ‘where are you departing from’?
Following this simple formula will determine the type of charter air craft you will require when choosing Air Charter Services.

You need to also take into account the amount of baggage travelers will be taking on board ie. Hand bags, presentation equipment, sporting equipment and even Music equipment for rock concerts etc.
If this is the case, you will require a baggage hold on your Private Jet.

The next thing to consider are your travel dates (Departure and Arrival). Booking your Charter Air Flight in advance will prevent any short notice mix ups.

Once all of the above measures have been taken, the final consideration before boarding your Private Air Charter Service is your onboard facilities. Depending on the private jet, the preparation of food may not be included.

Taking some pre packed food might be worth considering, unless your private jet caters for this. You may want to consider using the bathroom before boarding, as some flights will not have toilets. Once again, this all depends on the Air Charter Services you are using.

Charter Air Noise Levels are another major point to consider when choosing air charter services. Trying to conduct a meeting, interview or general chit chat while flying in an unpressurized cabin will require you to raise your voice, making conversation difficult.

How to avoid Charter Air Noise Levels


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