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Business Jet Charters Are Convenient and Save Invaluable Time

Business jets have never been more popular than now! Increased security concerns, shortage of time, and need of frequent travel have make it almost a necessity for companies to own or to hire a jet operator to provide private aviation facilities to their employees. The reason behind the sluggish growth in the use of business jets was the cost—whether rentals or owning cost. However, manufacturing companies have worked hard to produce light weight, and less fuel consuming business jets that have very low operating cost, and it is estimated that the cost they incur is almost equal to the cost of scheduled flights. However, with your own business jets or even with rentals, you are free to schedule your own flight according to availability of the time.

Business jets are also known as bizjet. The older term used for private jet aviation was “air taxi. These private jets were operated by piston-engine or small turboprop aircraft, and some airfields do not have runways suiting to the speed and operation of jets. However, with the increased popularity of business jet chater, airfields are looking to modify the places for convenience.

Aerodynamics and avionics have tried their best to produce models, which are conducive to streamline flow of air around the wings of the jets, and thus, reduce the fuel consumption. The famous manufacturing companies of business jets, like, Grumman Aerospace and Gates Lear Jet had two or three engines in their aircraft, but the Jetstar had four engines. The advancement in technology has almost completely eliminated the 4-engine model. No wonder that very light business jets are also making their presence felt, which are operated with a single engine.

The only reason for experts to negate the idea of owning a business jet was the cost—and it had some logic too! However, since 1996, there has been an option that allows "fractional ownership" of the business aircrafts, and thus, eliminates the need of flight crew and maintenance that could be shared. This option allowed the companies to avail the facility whenever needed, but without any responsibility to maintain the aircraft. Private jet rentals are not that cheap and companies tend to go for this option, which makes them fractional owner of the machine, but free them from the responsibilities of maintaining and keeping the business jet in good conditions. Other needs like catering, flight crew, and repair work can be delegated to the other partner who offers such facilities.


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