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Executive Jets and Franctional Ownership

Executive jets have often been doomed to death by some business experts due to their sheer cost—it is too high, and in the present scenario when companies and organizations are looking for downsizing and cost-cuts, it is almost an unrealistic fiction for executives. However, in the wake of security concerns and the control over time that these executive jets provide, makes the managers vulnerable to the thought of executive jets—somehow or other, they find it that if they can manage the cost, there is nothing in the world that can provide better facilities, control, and security other than executive jets.

There are options of fractional ownership if managers like to lower the price, and many companies are going for this option. The fractional ownership may include 1/3 or 1/4 of cost by the organizations, alongwith the monthly maintenance fee; and in return they will have some fixed hours or days that they can use the aircraft on-demand.

However, there are some companies who do feel and understand the need of executive jets; but in no way, want to plan the ownership issue—complete or fractional. Private jet rentals, jet charters, and jet hiring companies are the solutions for these companies, and they can easily choose some service providing company for this. Charter companies often work through brokers or have their websites providing information, price-list, areas where the service is offered, catering; and some extra facilities that they might be providing, including, ground-transportation and hotel booking, etc.

There is one another option, though it has some restrictions by the federal government—you can opt to buy a used executive jet; however, to land at many airports in U.S., it must comply with Stage 3 federal aviation regulations.

If we look at the above options, it becomes clear that is almost like a flying car! –You can choose to own it, hire it, buy a used car, or own it with some partner, though the cost remains much higher than any car. But yes, you do need to chalk-out your needs and requirements before you go for any option. The size of the executive jets can increase or decrease the price to a great extent, and it applies for all the abovementioned options. So, it becomes almost imperative that you know how many executives or personnel you might need to send to travel in one go? Going for bigger executive jets than required can never serve the purpose, and you will find yourself wasting your money, quite easily.

Executive jets are costly but they can be integrated into your business quite easily and efficiently if you plan and analyze properly. Costs can be compensated in terms of time, security, and versatility of the services; and if you are able to value these factors, you will not say no to executive jets for sheer cost.


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Executive Jets and Franctional Ownership